Play 2.6.1 released!

The Play team is proud to announce the release of Play 2.6.1.

This is our first release after 2.6.0, and it should be backwards compatible. This release adds a number of bug fixes and improvements, including in our documentation. We really appreciate the feedback, bug reports and especially the contributions from the community.

A complete list of changes can be seen here:

This release also updates play-json to version 2.6.2 (see changes), Twirl to version 1.3.3 (see changes) and play-ws to version 1.0.1 (see changes).

A special thanks to the following contributors who helped with this release:

    11	Greg Methvin
    10	Marcos Pereira
     7	Will Sargent
     6	Rich Dougherty
     2	Play Team
     2	Schmitt Christian
     1	Sergey Novikov
     1	Vincent Munier
     1	fijimf
     1	markglh
     1	rmcloughlin
     1	Guylian
     1	Mariot Chauvin
     1	Matthias Kurz
     1	Pierre Court
     1	Roman Parshikov

Marcos Pereira

Toronto, ON

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