Play 2.6.2 Released!

The Play team is proud to announce the release of Play 2.6.2.

The most important fixes are related to some deadlocks in development mode:

  1. #7622: Deadlock issue - play 2.6.1
  2. #7614: The action constructed from an ActionRefiner instance doesn't work in develop mode.

Thanks to the community for the detailed reports and invaluable help.

A complete list of changes and fixes can be seen here:

Again, special thanks to the following contributors who helped with this release:

 6  Marcos Pereira
 5  Rich Dougherty
 3  Greg Methvin
 2  Play Team
 2  Alvaro Pereyra
 1  Will Sargent
 1  Akhil Vijayan
 1  kenji yoshida
 1  Andrii
 1  Ben McCann
 1  Justin du Coeur, AKA Mark Waks
 1  Reto Habluetzel

Marcos Pereira

Toronto, ON

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