Play 2.6.3 Released!

The Play Team is pleased to announce the release of Play Framework 2.6.3. This is the latest stable release of Play.

Getting Play

  • To download Play, visit
  • To upgrade an existing Play 2.6 project, edit your plugins.sbt file and set the sbt-plugin to 2.6.3.
  • To update an older Play project, take a look at the Migration Guide.


The 2.6.3 release contains the following fixes and improvements:


Thanks to the community for the detailed reports and invaluable help.

Special thanks to the following contributors who helped with this release: Adam Lane, Adam Williams, Dominik Dorn, Greg Methvin, Grigoriy Alexeev, James Roper, Jason Zaugg, Johannes Stickel, JunpeiAnzai, jxtps, Marcos Pereira, Matthias Kurz, mufeng, Naoki Takezoe, Rich Dougherty, Thiago Arrais, Ty Kowalewski, Will Sargent.

Rich Dougherty

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