Play Slick 3.0.1 released

The Play Team is pleased to announce the release of Play Slick 3.0.1. The Play Slick module integrates the Slick database query and access library with Play Framework. This is the latest stable release of the Play Slick module. It is compatible with Play 2.6.x and Slick 3.2.x.

Updating Play Slick

To use this version of Play Slick, update the versions in your build.sbt file to 3.0.1:

"" %% "play-slick" % "3.0.1",
"" %% "play-slick-evolutions" % "3.0.1"


The 3.0.1 release contains the following fixes and improvements:


Thanks to the community for their bug reports and fixes.

Special thanks to the following contributors who helped with this release: Marcos Pereira, Pavel Kozlov, Rich Dougherty, Ross Andreucetti.

Rich Dougherty

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